Monday, 18 May 2015

Tales under a blue sky #21...

"With the wind that blows each useless promise within changing hues of a glowing sun, all past thoughts I'll hide, deep into an abusive surrounding, while peacefully awaiting halfway to my own given lesson..."

Alexandra (26), Hairstylist, Bucharest 2015

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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Tales under a blue sky #20...

"The beauty of life resides in finding all reasons worth dying for..."

Vladimir (29), Actor, Bucharest 2015

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Monday, 11 May 2015

Tales under a blue sky #19...

"If my eyes, blossoming into gorgeous tulips as they glance across this nameless poetry of ours, could only embrace the purest honesty I search, I'd fall in love with life itself..."

Diana (24), Freelancer, Harsova (Ct) 2015

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Monday, 4 May 2015

Tales under a blue sky #18...

"Like a peafowl spreads its feathers against all past teachings, disobedience will orderly define, through a mesmerizing series of never-happenings, not what I was but all I can become..."

Andreea (31), Air traffic controller, Sibiu 2015

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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Tales under a blue sky #17...

"Constantly cherishing a panacean ambition, as to displace each pebble towards the highest peaks of desired inner truth, I'll pour, into this bodily shape, all that I am..."

Maia (53), Actress, Bucharest 2015

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Monday, 27 April 2015

Tales under a blue sky #16...

"When there is everything yet to be done, difficult is to wisely choose among them all..."

Stefan (9), 2nd grade scholar, Ramnicu Sarat (BZ) 2014

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Tales under a blue sky #15...

"Life is a gift to be lived...and if every instant would be a smile, I'd embrace it with the same affection that the sun enfolds each frailest limb of loveliest tree of them all..."

Miruna (34), Communication & PR expert, Buzau (BZ) 2015

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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The interview...

A brief discussion (in Romanian) on photography and more.

Here is the link to it...

With many thanks to "Curios din nastere" family.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Totebag Of Mitrush: Fresh & flirty during "spingmas" time

Photos: Constantin Stefanescu
Character: Gabriela Matei
Flowers: Marche des bijoux


Fresh & flirty, Bucharest 2015

© Constantin Stefanescu /

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Finding beauty...

And I sat there for a while...

Closely listening to such dismaying creaking sounds of bloodless veins - similar to those of all branches thrown indifferently against the frozen sky above while a vicious wind blasts its anger across our lushest dreams - and cripplingly observing my hungriest fears, slowly and relentlessly, devouring each fragment of a lost soul that fell bluntly behind eloigned steps as uncommitted sins, I wander through indefinite days with but one desire keenly pulsating beyond emptiness ahead.

And with all thoughts disorderly accumulated along the gloomy edge of own inconsequential existence, just as alluring deities enlightened the hazy distance with their blessings so that each felt breath could customize a safe aetheric surrounding even though fatality flows stunningly among disregarding ephemerality, naively I contemplated, drifting back to brutally caged reality, the existence of long-awaited beauty as a self-sufficient reason for our longed transcendence.

I asked the stars what beauty is as they fade into despair...

I asked the birds what freedom is as they wave goodbye...

I asked the sea what silence is as it roars back indifferently...

In a moment of complete absoluteness, as eternity stood still for me to notice her drying out the salty tears of grasped immensity as a way of dismissing past burdens, beauty occurred as the freedom of silence, while a hint of idolatrized scent moved silently throughout dramatic scenery, like a sunburst conveying its hidden secrets across wondrous horizon, allowing a possible future to intervene. For this moment of celestial honesty we can only hope within our earthly illusion.

But the greatness of such miracle stands within its doleful impossibleness for the human arrogance will endlessly obnubilate the celestial honesty. And since we allow such spiritual destructiveness to casually guide us towards constant selfishness, even deities, in all their glory, occasionally reconsider their pacifying intentions, revealing their disappointment through dreadful clouds majestically gathered as an attempt to purify our cunningly obscured intentions with their delicate weeping.

And I waited for a little longer...

Finding beauty, Bucharest 2010

Photo - Bucharest 2010
Story - Bucharest 2015

© Constantin Stefanescu /