Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Tales under a blue sky #26...

Andrei tells his story in "Tales under a blue sky"

© 2012 - 2015, Constantin Stefanescu

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Time stood still...

The obscured was about to fall from heaven…

While quietly observing every delicate flower losing its precious dream to the tragically inevitable death – from its ambitious piercing of the anhydrous till sappily renouncing against the disgraceful reality - I was glimmering from afar, staring down the grotesque abyss unfolding ahead with my light shivering upon the perfect obscurity all around, just as a heavy silence, otherwise gently cuddling the immensity of given space, recklessly muted my every stupid thought ever intended to ask for a comforting reason. The melting sky, bended heavily under the stench of human indifference and their presumed innocence, magnetically accentuated the daily abandonment within bright purple scents of failure, while the sun, stumbling down in its own resoluteness, erased its presence from the scenery, loudly pounding its disapproval against the imposing night.

Gathered safely among harmonic clouds, all deities, sprawling exhausted beyond anything conceivable, cried their despair through a rarefied atmosphere that felt like bare feet sunk into sallowest shore of contemplation, not for sorrowful regrets of an outlived past but for the futility of their divine vocation, while, shimmering within the tide of their tears, thunders were bled upon a constantly depraving existence. Answers rose, from aquatic mysteries to highest wonders of unconditional beliefs, neglecting all chalk-like arrows drew across the firmament by coward escapists just as a complete silence conquered each and any useless word. Instants froze their desires in midair as the universe, while dismantling every emotion shaped as an impartial star, invaded my melancholic eagerness with stifling sounds resembling migrating hordes of antagonizing lies. And while dangling between former uncertainties and a secluded could be, hopefully I poured a selfless healing light into her self-consciousness darkness so she could notice me amongst all options, as her prurience approached, at an infinite speed, with a blazingly wagging tail of passionate embers leaving all other stars to confusingly rest in flaming tales.

“Let down your armor, my dear, you don’t need it anymore. Let’s wander the nothingness together” a single frothily thought bridled her surd enthusiasm, right before the imminent after…

Youthfully she clung her endless longing onto my fingers as we went spinning wildly through graceful changes of all things remaining and, while mourning the lasting winter in her eyes for I couldn’t find a reason as to why the poor trees cloth their weakness with green-spotted trembling leafs, her sweaty palms, chained to a wall of inner restrains, felt like a moisty summer breeze fondling a suicidal lover raptly sitting on the erring edge of falling. Smilingly and willingly we drifted out of bounded chronic reverie with a single thought, of finding someone to blame for all iniquities, blustering within barren eyes for it was impossible to understand or to resignedly accept all meddling horrors, while violent flavors of all sorts - from blooming honeysuckle or freshly squeezed, under the weight of the world, leafy hyssop to flapping wings of restless hummingbirds or dusty shadows of roaming elephants - crawled in-between our lips like Mephistophelian reptiles upon crystal-clear shards of dashed promises, right before a long-awaited ardent kiss amazed a witless moral entirety as we fucked-up that purblind sense of decency and, briefly, time itself reconsidered its passing purpose.

Witnessing our faithfully depicted idolization for all things beautiful, galaxies collided awkwardly, baffling gods themselves, just as the earth, for an infinite second, ignored its rotation to regain its breath and a giant ball of fire, that could have been a sun for some, settled the scenery within powerful hues of a wiser anew, enlightening the horizon as the sky filled our lungs with a painfully screamed delusion, instantly awakening the abounding night from its numbness to hatefully remind us that stars were never meant to be together. Floating within a same tangled tear, a sudden undertow of inexplicable fear – fear of being completely adored – rushing through mingled veins, from a traceable delightful halo to the bottom of a pulsating core, devoured this accidental incident down to a distant suffering as we died poetically, with nothing to lose but this wonderfulness, just as all enshrined flowers of ours scattered their ashes within our saddened eyes.

Eventually, every star falls from heaven...


Photo: Constanta, 2009
Story: Bucharest, 2015

Tales under a blue sky #25

Gabriela tells her story in "Tales under a blue sky"

© 2012 - 2015, Constantin Stefanescu

Monday, 27 July 2015

Tales under a blue sky #24

Claudia tells her story in "Tales under a blue sky"


© 2012 - 2015, Constantin Stefanescu

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Theme of oblivion...

What the future might bring, we always wondered…

And I couldn’t even notice how, with skeletal grace, naively and abnormally we obliterated the ardent scenery defining our romance, from the displayed unconditional adoration down to the settled emptiness of a feeblest heartbeat, while retentively she took my hand in reverence - just as her green white-spotted dress disobediently diluted the atmosphere, within a sorrowful murmur, neglecting the inevitable decision of wrenchingly embracing the twilight of our completeness – resignedly glancing, for one last time, over those haunting memories of a previously entangling eidolon, now defrocked of each and any of its delightful thrills, to accept the insecurities ahead, appallingly shimmering deep within her greenish eyes.

Like raindrops falling into bluest perfection of an unruffled ocean while a vicious wind blows each precious feeling from its own happening, due chaos violently rearranged its molecules within complete solitude as she truthfully spoke, with no remorse or any startle revising those sadly furrowed eyes, her last soft-whispered dissembling thoughts, compellingly inviting me to avow my own self through her existence, mirroring our fading shadows onto the thin edge of acceptance, just as her delicate hand slipped from emotional safety leaving behind the indistinguishable taste of improbable circumstances. Fearing such undesirable outcome of once countable heavenly instants, the sky instantly darkened its glowing, roaring off all boisterous fowls daringly barring the disgrace offering their comfort, to fulminate its infinite disappointment.

We were here to passionately burn till exhaustion, for what was once true, it can never be denied.

Awkwardly disposing the decaying corpse of a tremendous accident – greatest than ever occurred under an illuminated firmament we once admired with no apparent reason – amongst two galaxies incidentally colliding into a passionate burst of everlasting promises, only to never exist again, her ghost will aimlessly chase all untamed rivers and countless trees, nameless birds and deceiving beams, indifferently falsifying, as she leans forward, each honest emotion of what we were into ravishing regrets facing the mischievous outcome, while all my nightmares will surf away, transcending the very same distance she’ll explore, keenly asking for a recurrence. And each collapsing cell is to flourish in time, randomly slashing a shrouded void, to express its gratitude for the stillness of the universe scarring each bleeding wound, as we’ll catatonically nest our wounds in loving unfamiliar arms.

While with the right hand she astonishingly tucked a fringe of hair behind the ear, exposing the perfectly shaped lobe into the bright future, and with the other mellowed down the brash dreaming of her dress with burlesque gestures, the heart reprised its skipped beat riddling any of them mysteries formerly obscuring new attainable adventures and, since the artless desire of stopping the earth from turning seemed obscenely absurd as the thick dust of our tumultuous downfall aligned our footsteps towards a well-deserved apodictic oblivion, she glamorously turned her back for one more caress.

Why the sun still rises we might never know…


Photo: Tulcea, 2013
Story: Bucharest, 2015

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

In the morning...

A cruel awakening became unavoidable…

With my head buried deep into her soft pillow as she breathed miracles upon my fervent shoulder, boldly I slowed down the precious night for as long as I could, while all the stars, pulsating wildly from the farthest corners of our immensity, enlightened such marvelous travelling through frozen time and arguable distances, away from misinterpreted feelings, past each bruising disappointment onto the purest unity of our desires, just as the oceanic night, together with its glorified splendors, faded gradually against an inflated firmament to carelessly awake the silence from its dreaming. Shortly, the morning stormily invaded the scenery and everything crumbled, like animosities facing the gates of heaven, while eternal instants turned into measurable beatings of a loving heart.

Just as she, slightly heightening while drawing the curtains apart, widely opened the windows towards the infinite meadows outside to arouse all slumberous thoughts, numbly I turned to wander if this was the endlessly searched perfection, as all birds mesmerizingly sung their youthful song throughout her beautifully hued short hair, now floating aimlessly within an impudent waft of changes suddenly encroaching her nearness, while the virgin light, kindly embracing her adventurous voluptuousness, redefined all reasons worth living for. Shy girlish hooded eyes, alluringly colored in hazy-green wonders as she mumbled something I couldn’t hear for being stunned by her moving lips, appropriately pinned me out of my senses to smother me with her divinely incensed nakedness.

All irrational surmises were bound to burn, carpeting the path ahead with their smoldering ashes, as we leaped, in silent circles within the rarefied atmosphere, high above the feared abyss of unconfessed secrets, admiring such celestial occurrence with no apology or needed explanation.

A vibrant smile, summing all of unexpressed ambiguities still lingering within her weakness, effortlessly guided my childish yearning through the elegant depths of never felt emotional avalanche, while slender fingers, lovingly pressed against my absoluteness, offering an answer to all my prayers, triggered a catastrophic shiver all over newly acquired consciousness. As my heart started beating wildly, like an abused drum set, she laid gently upon my eagerness and, by embracing me within her mysteries, invited me to infallible secrecy while I squeezed the sheets, as hard as my teeth, to seize the moment for all time. A single gentle moan uttered as my lips touched the sinful smile in the corner of her mouth filled an abandoned sky, while thrills of the forthcoming inevitable hammered down my whole entirety.

Everything briefly paused for the sun to regain its strength while pushing its wisdom through pleasurable fluffy clouds that slowly whirled our exaltation and, as we laid amongst quieten thoughts conquering our dizziness, I contemplated a justified deifying of our existence while the birds, hoovering the serenity in which we have lost the ambition, the disgrace and all the shame, resumed their flawless roundelay ensuring the adorable continuity of a dissipating rapture. Curtly alerted by a sudden gust of ground coffee, feebly exploring the bordered environment as an imminent change meant to evilly poison our daydreaming, all senses accepted a felt conclusion as only argument we could keep within shimmering eyes, throughout still reality, till we will meet again.

The only reason of awakening is to await the recurring dream…

Photo: Constanta, 2009
Story: Bucharest, 2015

Thursday, 2 July 2015

A quiet afternoon...

A brief while passed...

And since any ephemeral question - ever vehemently formulated but never truly articulated - heavily collided against darkest hair and spasmodic breaths, mingling each burden within an unruffled ocean of conceivable reasons, allowing my robotic insentience to mawkishly settle its naive ambition into a newly acquired state of acceptance instead of sadistically drowning in my own self, just as the infinite sky above radiantly crumbled down, in maddening colors never before seen, from epitomical lechery - otherwise deeply desired - to rearrange the sweltering rugged linen into a perfectly muted conversation, unavailing words were sternly left unspoken.

Noticing the decline of known certainty, time faded heavenly, frantically dancing in swirling shadows upon her fetching skin under my tracing index, while her pledging lovely eyes, bleeding affrighting tears over my festering emotional wounds as only resort of reassuring amassed deities of our endeavoring struggle against an otherwise devilry reality, depicted but glistering memories of ours across the imposed silence, as the scent of her deepest mystery, still upon my lips, filled the voided intimacy with flavors of endless possibilities. With hopeful thoughts, avidly running all over her enthralling presence, from a cinnamon incensing neck and ever-glowing shoulders, passing a glamorous waist, down to her inner thigh brazenly pulsating her hidden secrets in complete disagreement with a now dazed sun, I could measure the continual universe as it laid its majestic creation in front of me.

I wouldn't argue, I could have died right then and there...

But the daring sun, observing the recurrent premise of a deceitful outcome from high in the unscathed distance, suddenly shifted position behind simulated feelings, defining its wanderings in the thin air between her most veiled ambition and my doleful expectation, while shards of insecurities stumbled down such hastily deserted veins, widely outstretched, as soon as my arms clung onto a stubborn denial of any veridical conclusion. For we were never meant to spoke wonders facing the wraith of unspoken truths, stains of former disgraceful sins dribbled languidly from pilled-up sorrows eclipsing the unfolding pleasure, as she eagerly nipped my lower lip, as if this was a last given chance to the exhausted beauty, until deeply absorbing my entirety.

Even if defying any common sense seemed unreasonable, the blatant disregard of those unreliable moral values filled the scenery with gratitude as I accepted, with my right hand hungrily stuck into lustiest hair and the other envyingly drawing melic infiniteness along her spine in slow-motion, the displayed wantonness to be the single valid possibility of avoiding any unpredictable decision. Purest algophobic drops fell guilty from grimaced eyes, nourishing my eternal obsession, just as the air moved slowly towards an unwanted ending. Soon, the burning passion within devilish eyes dimmed its fire and I couldn't tell if she was dressing, hiding each of them virginal emotions under obtrusive clothes, or she was just abandoning my strongest yearning.

And please, darling, be quiet as you are leaving...

Photo: Constanta, 2009
Story: Bucharest, 2015