Thursday, 2 July 2015

A quiet afternoon...

A brief while passed...

And since any ephemeral question - ever vehemently formulated but never truly articulated - heavily collided against darkest hair and spasmodic breaths, mingling each burden within an unruffled ocean of conceivable reasons, allowing my robotic insentience to mawkishly settle its naive ambition into a newly acquired state of acceptance instead of sadistically drowning in my own self, just as the infinite sky above radiantly crumbled down, in maddening colors never before seen, from epitomical lechery - otherwise deeply desired - to rearrange the sweltering rugged linen into a perfectly muted conversation, unavailing words were sternly left unspoken.

Noticing the decline of known certainty, time faded heavenly, frantically dancing in swirling shadows upon her fetching skin under my tracing index, while her pledging lovely eyes, bleeding affrighting tears over my festering emotional wounds as only resort of reassuring amassed deities of our endeavoring struggle against an otherwise devilry reality, depicted but glistering memories of ours across the imposed silence, as the scent of her deepest mystery, still upon my lips, filled the voided intimacy with flavors of endless possibilities. With hopeful thoughts, avidly running all over her enthralling presence, from a cinnamon incensing neck and ever-glowing shoulders, passing a glamorous waist, down to her inner thigh brazenly pulsating her hidden secrets in complete disagreement with a now dazed sun, I could measure the continual universe as it laid its majestic creation in front of me.

I wouldn't argue, I could have died right then and there...

But the daring sun, observing the recurrent premise of a deceitful outcome from high in the unscathed distance, suddenly shifted position behind simulated feelings, defining its wanderings in the thin air between her most veiled ambition and my doleful expectation, while shards of insecurities stumbled down such hastily deserted veins, widely outstretched, as soon as my arms clung onto a stubborn denial of any veridical conclusion. For we were never meant to spoke wonders facing the wraith of unspoken truths, stains of former disgraceful sins dribbled languidly from pilled-up sorrows eclipsing the unfolding pleasure, as she eagerly nipped my lower lip, as if this was a last given chance to the exhausted beauty, until deeply absorbing my entirety.

Even if defying any common sense seemed unreasonable, the blatant disregard of those unreliable moral values filled the scenery with gratitude as I accepted, with my right hand hungrily stuck into lustiest hair and the other envyingly drawing melic infiniteness along her spine in slow-motion, the displayed wantonness to be the single valid possibility of avoiding any unpredictable decision. Purest algophobic drops fell guilty from grimaced eyes, nourishing my eternal obsession, just as the air moved slowly towards an unwanted ending. Soon, the burning passion within devilish eyes dimmed its fire and I couldn't tell if she was dressing, hiding each of them virginal emotions under obtrusive clothes, or she was just abandoning my strongest yearning.

And please, darling, be quiet as you are leaving...

Photo: Constanta, 2009
Story: Bucharest, 2015

Monday, 18 May 2015

Tales under a blue sky #21...

"With the wind that blows each useless promise within changing hues of a glowing sun, all past thoughts I'll hide, deep into an abusive surrounding, while peacefully awaiting halfway to my own given lesson..."

Alexandra (26), Hairstylist, Bucharest 2015

© Constantin Stefanescu

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Tales under a blue sky #20...

"The beauty of life resides in finding all reasons worth dying for..."

Vladimir (29), Actor, Bucharest 2015

© Constantin Stefanescu

Monday, 11 May 2015

Tales under a blue sky #19...

"If my eyes, blossoming into gorgeous tulips as they glance across this nameless poetry of ours, could only embrace the purest honesty I search, I'd fall in love with life itself..."

Diana (24), Freelancer, Harsova (Ct) 2015

© Constantin Stefanescu

Monday, 4 May 2015

Tales under a blue sky #18...

"Like a peafowl spreads its feathers against all past teachings, disobedience will orderly define, through a mesmerizing series of never-happenings, not what I was but all I can become..."

Andreea (31), Air traffic controller, Sibiu 2015

© Constantin Stefanescu

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Tales under a blue sky #17...

"Constantly cherishing a panacean ambition, as to displace each pebble towards the highest peaks of desired inner truth, I'll pour, into this bodily shape, all that I am..."

Maia (53), Actress, Bucharest 2015

© Constantin Stefanescu

Monday, 27 April 2015

Tales under a blue sky #16...

"When there is everything yet to be done, difficult is to wisely choose among them all..."

Stefan (9), 2nd grade scholar, Ramnicu Sarat (BZ) 2014

© Constantin Stefanescu

Tales under a blue sky #15...

"Life is a gift to be lived...and if every instant would be a smile, I'd embrace it with the same affection that the sun enfolds each frailest limb of loveliest tree of them all..."

Miruna (34), Communication & PR expert, Buzau (BZ) 2015

© Constantin Stefanescu

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The interview...

A brief discussion (in Romanian) on photography and more.

Here is the link to it...

With many thanks to "Curios din nastere" family.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Totebag Of Mitrush: Fresh & flirty during "spingmas" time

Photos: Constantin Stefanescu
Character: Gabriela Matei
Flowers: Marche des bijoux


Fresh & flirty, Bucharest 2015

© Constantin Stefanescu