Wednesday, 23 April 2014

While silently mellowing the leopards...

Chapter III

Arguably, each revenant season brings its enlightening lessons...

And so...a change was imminent as time, shuffling cheerful hues across a vernal ceiling, found me tangled up in colored scents, quietly admiring not the ludic uttering of all rejuvenated birds, arching the wideness above, but the endlessly floating poplar fluff, mirrored within radiant eyes as a perfidious manner of luring me into cleverly disguised delight.

The scenery, in all its entirety, gradually faded into predictable reality just as a sudden airy giggle, casually interrupting my foolish daydreaming, offered a palpable reason, if any was needed, to gladly embrace, with the same eagerness that a hedonist embraces its desired doxy at the end of their despicable affair, a much awaited opportunity of exploring gracefully displayed fabulousness. Valiantly I agreed to such enhancing challenge, confident that my visionary replies, as they will reflect on each of my hidden intentions, will melt their otherwise resolute credence into nothing but chromatic tones defining our seasonal reciprocity.

With all senses bathed in limpid morning dew, and every deity sanctifying, from the safety of their distant blue haven, our accidental struggle for attaining the mystical sublime, I pictured a brief projection of immediate future while our dancing madness, wandering across the clear, naively portrayed tempering shadows upon our youthful enthusiasm. Forenoon brightness, pulverized against blooming possibleness, gently blended with new embodied shapes to arouse our playful excitement as a yield announcement of imminent disruption of known order.

Soon...the craved imagery - as perceived fatalistic outcome of yet another encounter, became incidental while a daunting recurrent thought, that the earth spins us throughout a majestic universe with no intention, pinned me back to own vacant beliefs

Lessons are still to be learned but, ironically, time will take its fee for each served teaching...

characters: Diana Enciu and Alina Tanasa / fabulous muses
photos: Constantin


Diana Enciu and Alina Tanasa for FabulousMuses / Bucharest 2013

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Editorials / 2013

Some of the published works of 2013...

Photos: Constantin S.

Viva! Magazine, no 206th / 2013
Viva! Magazine, no 206th / 2013
Viva! Magazine, no 206th / 2013

Joy Magazine, no 11th / 2013
Joy Magazine, no 11th / 2013
Joy Magazine, no 11th / 2013

Joy Magazine, no 12th / 2013
Joy Magazine, no 12th / 2013
Joy Magazine, no 12th / 2013

Joy Magazine, no 1st / 2014
Joy Magazine, no 1st / 2014
Joy Magazine, no 1st / 2014

FHM, no 1st/2014
FHM, no 1st/2014
FHM, no 1st/2014

With many thanks to all those involved.

Oana Popoiag, Luana Danet, Daria Georgescu, Simona Georgescu, Silvia Cimpeanu, Horia Ghibutiu, Alexandru Revega, Andra Manea, Cristina Trohani, Diana Ionescu, Georgiana Calin, Cristiana Butacu, George Bosancu, Cristina Oltean, Nelia Porut, Carmen Grosu, Diana Matei, Paul Bratu, Iuliana Ghemus / Avenue Models, Cristina Sofrone, Laura A. Micu, Florina Dumitrache...

© Constantin Stefanescu /

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Enhanced / Conceptual beauty

Photos: Constantin S.
Make-up & Concept: Diana Ionescu
Beauty Editor: Ioana Vasile
Hair: Claudiu Alex Sarghe
Models: Crina Radu, Bianca Grosu / Victoria Models
Assistant Photo: Igor Novocovshi


© Constantin Stefanescu /
     Bucharest, 2014

Monday, 24 February 2014

New tendencies...

New tendencies for Joy Magazine, no. 3rd / 2014

Photographer: Constantin S.
Producer / Styling: Silvia Cimpeanu
Make-up: Diana Ionescu
Hair: Georgiana Calin
Models: Nicoleta Tupea, Ana Roman / Avenue Models
Assistant Styling: Iuliana Craciun
Assistant Make-up: Crina Parvu
Assistant photo: Florina Dumitrache, Igor Novocovschi


New tendencies, Bucharest 2014
* selected images / see magazine for more

© Constantin Stefanescu /

An elusive blooming...

"I'll continuously wander the universe you've miraculously made possible, assured that one day, in the unbearable silence, we will meet again, with only the stars above to comfort all our worries and fulfill our naive dreams, while we'll lay our heads in eternal peace."

- Prelude -

She used to dream, in infant prayers, of such an elysian place in which one could reveal itself, in beamed honesty, while shamelessly disregarding all the rules of a repellent society.

But as you flourish into ripeness, much like any flower blooms into a fated autumnal death, those mischief means of a temporal existence will inevitably turn your virginal decency into others' animosity; for once an emotion is spoken, it no longer stands for its meaning but for the loose interpretation of each negligent percipient.

"Let them ride their worries", she said.
"Let them ride their dark thoughts and ambitions..."
"Let them ride their disappointments..."
"Let them ride them all, in a predetermined bleak universe over the arid horizon ahead, towards certain orphic oblivion, for there is nothing wrong in failing, if failing means nothing more then defending your inborn decorum from an obstructive manner of understanding the undeniable recondite condition of feelings and their shadowing fragility."

"And, while hiding all my grief behind a lovely forged smile, I will surely collapse into a self growing Brobdingnagian lily-white ocean, only to get pulled out deep by the undertow of my own bleeding heart, away from chagrined accusations and misconceived beliefs, to find comfort in the afterglow of the present tense, with nothing more than a feeble notion of what the world should resemble - a mystifying droplet, eternally wandering around the purest feeling of them all, leaving behind nothing but a gentle scent of those flapping wings of a hummingbird and a salty taste on your lips."

Perhaps I'm crazy but, I contemplated her soft whispered words in search of my own vocation, and I found my peace in sweaty palms, as she gently lied by my side...

[Chapter I / Time stood still for the heart to skip a beat]

- Interlude -

I don’t feel like being here right now…

…trapped in this scenery some may call familiar, like a doomed prisoner who cannot escape the impossible reasoning of its own crime, I turned into being the hero of an untold story assured of own purpose by the certainty that otherwise I wouldn’t be here counting not the days till an imaginary escape from such shallow identity but the eternity till a much infatuated end of arrogance.

And we’re lost in primeval desolation once more.

Our souls stood proud in wrathful setting as truths were shouted from each side – like vicious lances thrown in a tragic quagmire, with no one in between to balance them but a sole thought that if every spoken word came from the Bible, this hell we’re living would be our own redemptive Eden, in which we’ll seek to live and not to have.

But the uproar of our artificial stir, created only to nourish a needy ego, tormented my eonian admiration for human spirit, along with all beings witnessing the scene, as it soon awake deities above to blast their undeniable answers upon our despicable insignificance firmly forth telling an imminent change. Truth was spoken on that day.

Sadly, greed will keep us mostly occupied while all slips right pass.

As life holds its mysteries in leisure breaths, away from our self-absorbed anger that will sobbingly complicate it into superficiality, I’ll shut my eyes in absolute silence so I won’t see myself falling atrociously, from highest peak of expectations to deepest disgrace, for what was once cluttered with enthusiasm faded into grimmest present – much like the warmth of motherly touch is lost against the cruel senescence, and it seems there is no greater punishment to pay for your sins than life itself.

So, voraciously wishing all that timeless grief and crashing humiliation, foolishly I have caused, will eventually be forgiven, I’ll mercifully settle my ambitions within eternal breaths with purely nothing to gain from but the wasting abeyance…

[Chapter II / The fragile reality of a random morning]

- Epilogue -

And so...the soothing night fell sternly over any risible spoken word, leaving nothing but the majestic moon above to gleam on our mingled epitomical spirits while, in the new discovered serenity, only meagre breaths spiraling softly upon her undefiled skin could be heard.

With all thoughts pushed down at the bottom of such feeblish heart, withering the truth from redolent certainty to lingered ambivalence, eyes were hopelessly falling into most eerily dream as she gently lessened my eternal twitch, miraculously feathering away any louring intention.

She softly held my hand, kissing all my falling leafs, as I rose towards the end of lies, exhaling all wrongful doing into nothing but a distant mystifying haze and, for once, with hiraeth dripping from my absorbing eyes as infinite autumnal rain, while numbly observing the world spinning with the same fearful determination that yearning disrupts our purest desire, I begun fearing I'll never find my true self again.

"How did you even notice me?" ...she uneasily murmured as she laid her head on my lulling shoulder.

"For the pain", I replied... "The pain was melting your heart into my darkest fears, much like a silent scream melts your lungs into ashes while lost in aeonian punishment..."

But so lovely is the loneliness as you wander the infinite oblivion searching for necessary amity that, from the surrounding darkness, I'll shine nightly upon your longing skin, knowing that eventually I'll catch a glimpse of you, staring skyward, towards the the furthest star of them all, looking for the one I used to be. Out here in the distance, among all stars shaped in the form of your loveliest smile, lies the only answer I've been the darkness, we exist eternally as a warm mystery - an instant of purest unconsciousness.

And while some lost their lives in crummiest reality, we live for our own shooting star, for that short encounter with such bursting passion that our live is no longer ours but it belongs to those few angels above, bearing our despicable sins. As you'd have kissed my lips, others would have never fulfill their eternal lust.

Soon the search will be over. For I will undeniably transcend back to frozen reality, as surely as coldest morning wakes up any dreamer, to comfort your agonizing concerns, absorbing them with such warmth into my eagerness, as certainty will drift away from danger in to the purest light ahead.

"Which feeling, if any, dies first?" ...she whispered through the cold.

"None, my dearest." lips depicted across her forehead. "Severance is just an earthy illusion as feelings live eternally, far beyond the limitations of such poorly conceived existence."

"Is there any reason we should hope?"

"...our flapping wings will never rest."

An elusive blooming, Bucharest 2013

© Constantin Stefanescu - An elusive blooming, Bucharest 2013 - 2014

Thursday, 20 February 2014

An elusive blooming...

"The story of two lovers, realizing the improbability of their romance, in a cruel reality."

The forthcoming first book signed by yours truly.

Stay tuned for a short passage that will soon be available here...

* Photo: "Liaison", Milan 2011

© Constantin Stefanescu /

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Denis Predescu / SS 2015

Denis Predescu - Paris Campaign 2014 / SS 2015

Photos: Constantin S.
Styling: Denis Predescu
Make-up / Hair: Daniel Enea
Assistant: Laura A. Micu
Location: Eclectico Studio


© Constantin Stefanescu, Bucharest 2014

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Shop here...

Few images from the personal archive are now for sale.

Choose yours from:

"As the wind softly blows your stupid thoughts through my hair" series...
C-Print on Kodak Endura (21/30cm), framed (29/38cm)

"Different geometry"
Manually developed Ilford film, C-Print on Kodak Endura (29/29cm), framed (50/50cm)

As the wind #2 SOLD
As the wind #3 SOLD

Different geometry

Pricing and details on request.

© Constantin Stefanescu

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Denis Predescu / SS 2015...

More images soon...

Stay tuned.

Denis Predescu / SS 2015

© Constantin Stefanescu /
     Bucharest 2014

Monday, 13 January 2014

Tales under a blue sky #8

"I may be roaming splendid distances, arguing all means of such temporal existence, but I know, one day, I'll find my elysian peace within the lovely fire of your burning eyes..."

Elena (25), Travel agent, Tandarei 2014

© Constantin Stefanescu /